Fencing & Landscaping


We produce a range of treated softwood fencing products; these are for use in the domestic and commercial markets. The range includes posts, gate posts, rails, boards and chestnut fencing. Our fencing products are available in various sizes in either sawn or machined finishes including pointing, weathered top, diamond top and feather edge.

Decking Timber

Drenagh Sawmills Ltd has an extensive range of decking boards and products, both imported and home grown.  Timber decking continues to be a practical, cost effective and beautiful alternative for creating outdoor facilities.

Chestnut Fencing

This ready-made fencing product is both quick and easy to erect. Chestnut fencing is a traditional product which is ideal for temporary as well as permanent fencing. We stock both 0.9m and 1.2m high chestnut paling which comes in 9.0m rolls.


Commonly used in landscaping for raised flowerbeds, borders and pathways, sleepers are an attractive decorative feature. We supply both new and reclaimed sleepers which come in a range of finishes and sizes to suit customer requirements.

Gate Posts

We manufacture square timber gate posts for use in the private, commercial and agricultural sectors. All our gate posts are preservative pre treated and come in sizes ranging from 125mm x 125mm to 200mm x 200mm and various lengths are available.  We provide finishes including diamond top, weathered top and dome top.