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Brodbaek Log Sorting Line


Brodbaek Log Sorting Line with 7 x 2 Sorting Bins for Medium Sized Logs 2.5m to 5.1m Long including BCO Electronics Scanner & L-5 Step Feeder.


Minimum Top Diameter: 11cm
Maximum Butt Diameter: 40cm
Minimum Log Length: 2.5m
Maximum Log Length: 5.1m
Peak Capacity: 22 logs/min
Step Feeder: Model L-5 for Medium Logs, 4 steps & 5 sections, hydraulic with reverse function
Log Haul: 60m long 440mm wide
Sorting Bins: 7 x 2
BCO Electroncs: Infrared Scanner, Sorting & reporting Computer
Condition: Good

Complete Packing Line with Automatic Stacker


Jarme OY Complete Packing Line with Automatic Stacker

This system includes a facility for rejecting poor quality boards by activating reject arms via the operators control panel.

There is an off-cut conveyor belt below the crosscut saws to facilitate the carrying of waste to a drum chipper.


Overall length: 25m

Overall width:    6m


Two-Tier Transfer Chains             

Ladder Conveyor                        

In-feed to Crosscut saws includingsingulator


Board Out-feed                            

Automatic Stacker                     

Finished Bales Carrier